Printing Terms Dictionary

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W3: World Wide Web.

Wall Paper: A picture or bitmapped pattern that appears as the desktop.

Warm Color: In printing or color separations, a color which has a reddish or yellowish cast. By using a color print viewing filter set a more desirable color may be selected if a color correction is necessary.

Web: 1) A roll of paper used in web or rotary printing. 2) An abbreviation ffor the World Wide Web.

Web Press: A press which prints from rolls (or webs) of paper, as this type of press differs when compared to a sheet-fed press.

Web Sites: Individual Web document collections named by home pages or other unique URLs.

WebCrawler: A class of computer programs designed to ceaselessly search the Web, looking for specific content or simply following links to see where they go.

WebMaster: The individual responsible for managing a specific Web site.

Widow: A word or portion of a word that is left alone on a line at the end of a paragraph. Space adjustments should be made to the text blocks to remove widows.

Wildcard Character: A character that represents another character. In DOS filenames, you can use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard to indicate any character or group of characters that might match that position in other filenames.

Window: (1)In stripping, an opening in a rubylith or film flat that allows light to be transmitted through a screen, halftone or color separation in order for a precise area of information to be transferred to another piece of film or a printing plate. When making dupe composited negatives it often becomes necessary to use film windows instead of rubylith to prevent newton rings which appear in the transferred image area. (2) On a PC, a rectangular area on your screen in which you view an application or document.

Windows: A Microsoft operating system that features multiple screen and a graphical user interface

Windows 95: A Microsoft operating system that move the GUI much closer to that of the Macintosh. Is a true 32 bit operating system and true multi-tasking environment.

Word Space: The amount of white space between words, based on values set by the font designer.

Word Wrap: A feature that moves text from the end of a line to the beginning of a new line as you type. With word wrap, you do not have to press ENTER at the end of each line in a paragraph.

World Wide Web: The graphical portion of the Internet.

Work Space: The area of a window that displays the information contained in the application or document you are working with.

WORM: Write Once Read Many. Optical storage device on which data is permanently recorded. Data can be erased, but not altered, and no additional data can be added.

WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get. Pronounced "wizzy-wig." It refers to a graphics or publishing program that displays images on the screen the way they will appear on paper.