Printing Terms Dictionary

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X.121: The addressing format used by X.25 base networks.

X.25: A connection-oriented network facility.

X.400: An international messaging standard, used in electronic mail systems.

x86-based Computer: A computer using a microprocessor equivalent to an Intel 80386 or higher chip.

XGA: Extended Graphics Adapter. IBM's graphics standard that includes VGA and supports higher resolutions, up to 1024 pixels by 768 lines interlaced.

X-height: A way of measuring type, it's the height of the lower case letter "x" in the particular font.

XModem/CRC: A communications protocol for transmitting binary files that uses a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) to detect any transmission errors. Both computers must be set to transmit and receive 8 data bits per character.


Yahoo: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. A database written and maintained by David Filo and Jerry Yang, who style themselves as self-proclaimed Yahoos.

Yellow: One of the subtractive primaries the hue of which is used for one of the four color process inks. It reflects red and green light and absorbs blue light.


Z39.50: The name of the data transmission protocol used for WAIS requests and responses.

ZIP: To compress a file using the program PKZIP. This program has been widely distributed as shareware through many bulletin board systems.

ZIP Drive: A disk drive designed and marketed by Iomega that stores 100Meg of information in a small footprint.

Zoom: To enlarge a portion of an image in order to see it more clearly or make it easier to alter.